HR Department

HRS&S Consulting designed this package for organizations that require a strategic approach to managing employees. This package is ideal for organizations with ten or more employees.

The HR Department Package is the equivalent of hiring a Director of Human Resources to walk alongside the leadership team and help align the organization’s vision, mission, values and brand with its people. HRS&S Consulting provides the level of knowledge and expertise necessary to take your organization to the next level. The broad collection of projects and initiatives included in the HR Department Package covers the employment relationship from pre-hire through termination.

HRS&S invests time in learning and understanding your business, so that all of our solutions blend seamlessly with your organization’s culture.
In essence, we become part of the team.

HR Department Package Includes:

Handbook Package
  • Employee handbook (create or review existing)
  • 24/7 access to our extensive library of customizable policies
  • 24/7 access to employment law state-by-state and federal employment regulations
  • Supervisors manual to accompany the employee handbook
  • Forms to accompany employee handbook policies
  • Employment posters (federal and state)
  • Staff meeting to review employee handbook
Engagement And Retention Initiative
  • Customized employee survey (delivered in report form with action items)
  • Analysis of turnover trend
  • Team building workshop(s)
  • Training series focused on internal communication
Performance Management Strategy
  • Write or update compliant position descriptions
  • Provide 24/7 access to our extensive position description library
  • Create customized performance review forms for managers and non-managers
  • Management training on conducting performance reviews
  • Resource for managing employee relations challenges
Hiring And Onboarding Support
  • Create customized pre-hire and new-hire forms and letters
  • 24/7 access to our extensive library of customizable employment letters
  • Review resumes for open positions and prescreen applicants
  • Check references of candidates for hire
  • Provide insight and support during the development of the onboarding process (first 90-days of employment)
  • Provide new-hire checklist
Termination And Offboarding Support
  • Create customized disciplinary action forms
  • Consult with management during the termination process
  • Create customized separation letter(s)
  • Provide termination checklist
  • Conduct an exit survey and provide survey data
Staff and Leadership Training

HRS&S Consulting provides training on a variety of topics; some preselected and some customized. Our training platforms accommodate virtually any business model including those with multiple shifts and multiple locations. We can provide in-person training, webinar training and training modules pushed out via a cell phone app.

We provide unlimited access to our on-line training library which hosts both short and extended training on over 100 topics.

In-Person Training Topics Include:
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Implicit bias
  • Customer service both internal and external
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Sexual and other discriminatory harassment
  • Identifying and grooming high potential employees
  • Leading by example (2-part series ideal for those new to managing people)

Didn’t see the service you were looking for? Contact us. We are happy to discuss creating a customized solution for your organization.

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