As an employer your approach to addressing human issues must be as unique as the workforce you employ.

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Your employer has made it easy for you to access your HR information. Take a moment to learn how.

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The Right Solution

HRS&S Consulting provides services individually or collectively. We also have pre-packaged offerings, which we can review during an initial consultation:

HR Consulting
Easy Access HR™
The Platinum Package
The HR Department™

The Platinum Package™

What if all of your employees were fully engaged? What if everyone's performance could be measured and managed? What if you could stop worrying about matters of regulatory compliance? What if...

HRS&S Consulting uses a proprietary curriculum to teach the in-house Human Resources contact HR-101 through monthly meetings and training. The Platinum Package™ incorporates lessons on the tactical and strategic components of the employee life-cycle. The approach of HRS&S Consulting eventually empowers your in-house HR contact to make very informed decisions.

The Platinum Package™

  • Is ideal for organizations with 6-30 employees
  • Works well when you have an HR in-house contact
  • Is ideal for organizations headquartered in North or South Carolina
  • Is priced based on the number of employees

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