As an employer your approach to addressing human issues must be as unique as the workforce you employ.

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Your employer has made it easy for you to access your HR information. Take a moment to learn how.

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The Right Solution

HRS&S Consulting provides services individually or collectively. We also have pre-packaged offerings, which we can review during an initial consultation:

HR Consulting
Easy Access HR™
The Platinum Package
The HR Department™

HR Consulting

This service is ideal when you are ready to formalize your Human Resources processes and want to start either big or small. This service also enables you to move at your own pace.

HRS&S Consulting has a team of nationally certified professionals accessible on an as needed basis for projects and professional insight. This time-saving, solution focused service is ideal for businesses with or without an HR professional on staff. We provide a blend of best practices and regulatory compliance knowledge for companies of varying sizes and industries.

HR Consulting™

  • Is ideal for organizations of any size
  • Works well with or without an in-house HR contact
  • Is intended for companies located within the continental US excluding California.
  • Hour rates and project rates available depending on service selection

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