As an employer your approach to addressing human issues must be as unique as the workforce you employ.

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Your employer has made it easy for you to access your HR information. Take a moment to learn how.

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The Right Solution

HRS&S Consulting provides services individually or collectively. We also have pre-packaged offerings, which we can review during an initial consultation:

HR Consulting
Easy Access HR™
The Platinum Package
The HR Department™

Easy Access HR™

You have to get started somewhere. This service is ideal for employers in search of a technology driven solution that is affordable, flexible, and information packed.

HRS&S Consulting has a team of HR professionals available to answer your questions. This service comes loaded with access to employment forms, position descriptions, employment law updates, and access to a team of employment law attorneys.

Easy Access HR™

  • Is ideal for organizations with 100 or fewer employees
  • Works well with or without an in-house HR contact
  • Is intended for companies located within the continental US excluding California.
  • Flat low monthly charge with short-term commitment

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