As an employer your approach to addressing human issues must be as unique as the workforce you employ.

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Your employer has made it easy for you to access your HR information. Take a moment to learn how.

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The Right Solution

HRS&S Consulting provides services individually or collectively. We also have pre-packaged offerings, which we can review during an initial consultation:

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The HR Department™

About Us

HRS&S Consulting, LLC is a well-established high growth firm based out of the beautiful Ballantyne area in Charlotte, NC. We service clients in the southeast region of the United States and continue to expand west.

We take great pride in the level of service we deliver to our clients who appreciate our ongoing commitment to increasing employee engagement. Additionally we manage employee performance, create policies everybody can live with and maintain a high standard of compliance that gives our clients protection and peace of mind.


Our Commitment


Ensure small businesses have access to and support from experienced and knowledgeable Human Resources professionals who provide realistic achievable goals that increase performance maintain compliance and help retain key talent.